In our Indian Culture, braiding and oiling of hair is very important in during our teenage time. You might also have heard that braiding can help to boost in hair growth. Is baiding of hair is really help in our hair growth or it might be only myth.

There are types of myths around the world for long and thick hair from the use of different shampoo home remedies, but Braids are one the oldest and our grandmother’s tips which used in our Indian culture.

This is the fact that keeping your hair braids at night before going to the bed can reduce friction between your hair and pillow and prevent from breakage and it results tangles free hair when you wake up in the morning

After oiling of hair, always make braids because its help to lock the moisture into the hair and keeping them deeper nourished and moisturized.

Bradding of hair before going outside can protect it against the sun heat, pollutions and damage and it can keep your hair split ends free.

As we all know bradding can be great protective measure for our hair but keeping more than 5 6 hour tied hair in a day may damage your hair and natural look of your hair will also change and its looks some time very odd

If you are tying your hair into tight braids regular, it will affect your hair permanent damage and cause of hair falling from roots.

If the hair is pulled back too tightly, it may be break away from its roots and which may causes of splitting, weak hair and follicle damage. So always make sure you keep your braid loose

If you styling your hair everyday and using teight braid and using low-quality hair band or rubber band regulary, it can lead to hair damage and breakage from roots and mid of the hair.


By Atique

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