Chapped lips/ Dry lips are a problem all the time of the year. Either it is bitter cold or dry air, causing your lips to crack and flake, it’s also harsh effects because of the sun or your cosmetic products that are drying out your lips. Lip balm can help but for only a certain time, there are also Some home remedies that help you for relief in the long term.

Chapped lips problem faced due to the dryness and cracked skin problem on your lips due to cold or dry weather, excess sun exposure, frequently licking of your lips , or dehydration.


I am also facing clapped lip whole year, So I am sharing my  personal favorite lip care routine is(My two days care routine)

CARE 1: Lemon Peel: Add pinch off sugar with lemon peel or take 2-3 drops of lemon drop add with little sugar and rub the area which is clapped, and wash after 15 min(You will feel little irritation after using of this)

                Malai (milk cream): take 2-3 drop of malai and rub to whole dry area on lips, and leave it for whole night, Next day you will feel soft lips whole day.

CARE 2: you can also apply Coconut oil as a lip balm for long time softness.

CARE 3: Aloe vera has a number of uses and is best known as a home remedy for sunburns. Alovera properties helps to soothing effect make it a great choice for treating chapped lips, too.

CARE 4: Honey (organic honey) is best medicine for allergic skin properties, It’s been used for centuries as a home remedy for skin care and a number of health conditions.

Some few more tips to keep your lips from drying out.

  • Don’t lick your lips frequently because due to Licking may seem like a good way to moisten your lips when they’re dry, but saliva evaporates quickly and makes your lips drier.
  • Stay hydrated your body and drinks more water.
  • Humidity cause more dryer lips, if you feel humidity use lip bam
  • Avoid lip products that contain Chemicals, chemical added product helps you to relief for certain time but it will effect (dry more and black lips) more after continuously uses.
  • Use facemask when you going outside and protect your lips by cold weather, heat wind, pollution and sun heat effect.


By Atique

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