Cucumbers is a rich source of vital minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Besides the various health benefits, it can also beneficial to  improving our skin naturally. Cucumbers are considered as one solution for various skin problems . Cucumber slices kept on eyes; cucumber slices applied on top of face pack, cucumber slices used for gentle scrubbing .

Cucumber contain 96% of water wgich helpf to regulate the water balance of the body specially in sunny day, its also good for weight loss.

Cucumber slices used as home remedy for under-eye dark circles for women and also use it to soothe the eyes during facials, skin toner, whitener, refresher, and soother for irritated and sunburned skin, cucumber has manifold benefits. We find out if all these claims actually have scientific proof and how you can make the most of cucumber for your skin.


  1. Reduce dark circle: Putting slices of cucumber on eyes not only relieve your eyes from all the stress of the day.

Put grated cucumber on your dark circles and let it rest for eight to 10 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water. You can also just place two slices of cucumber directly on your eyes.

  • Toner to cooling burnt or damaged skin and sun tan: The cucumber juice and aloevera gel work as a cooling means for soothing the brown and red-spotted skin

take one tablespoon of cucumber juice, lemon juice, and aloevera gel and stir it well in a bowl. Use this solution all over the face and wash it off with warm water after 10 minutes. This helps to turn your skin hale and healthy.

  • Helps to control puffiness of eyes:  eyes can puff up for many reasons like due to lack of sleep, too much alcohol, dust allergy or even stress and tired.

Do Place a chilled slice of cucumber on your eyes and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. This is a great way to refresh puffy and tired eyes

  • It help with acne-prone: Cucumber can also be rubbed directly on the skin, over acne spots, or even put under a sheet mask.

Take 2 spoon of cucumber juice and add 1 green tea and mix it well in the bowl. Put this solution on face for 20 min and wash it off with warm water.

  • It help with skin tightening: Cucumber’s refreshing and skin-tightening effects make it an excellent natural skin toner. You can use the juice of a cucumber or dilute it with water to use as a toner to remove oil or traces of makeup.

3 FACEPACK USING CUCUMBERSIce cube: Take half cup of cucumber juice, add 2 table spoon of fresh aloe Vera pulp

  1. ICE CUBE: Mix it well and put it on ice cube tray and refrigete it till became ice.

It help to regenerate fresheness of skin, help to reduced tiredness on your face, improves blood flow, and brightens your complexion and thus, the skin gains instant glow.

2.Tonner: Take 1 cup of cucumber juice, add 3-4 tablespoon of apple vinegar(syrka) and store in a bottle. Use this solution as a tonner when you want.

Toner removes dirt, grime and impurities stuck in your pores after you wash your face. When added to your daily skincare routine and used regularly, it can have major positive impact on the appearance and tightness of your pores and aging skin.

3.Facepack: Take 1 spoon of gram plour(aata), Pinch off haldi , 1/4th table soon of suger  and 2 table spoon of cucmber pulp(juice).

Mix it well and apply on your face for 20 mins and wash with warm water.

This facepack is best for improving your skin qualities and removing dark patches and whites heads. Also help in skin britness.


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