Bhringraj is also known as “Medicine of the hair”. It have rich in vitamins protein and antioxidant which helps to protect our scalp and skin from various infection and disease.

All we know that bhringraj oil helps hair in growth and reducing the greying hair. If you are suffering from premature of greying hair and hair fallinf from scalp, then switch to bhringraaj oil that’s fight our all hair issues


Bhringraaj is a small plant with long dark green leaves with white and yellow small flower and can easily identify the plant in moist place specially in ground grass area. I prefer to use only the fresh herb so I always grow bhringraj plant in the garden and I strongly suggest that you grow this amazing herb in your garden too to enjoy it’s many health benefits.

There are two varieties of bhringraaj specially used for hair purpose are very commonly found all over the india, One is white flowres and other produces yellow flowers. Both flower are used for making bhringraaj hair oil but white flower variety is most prefferd used for reducing grey hair and its gives the best result.

Bhringraaj plant needs very little care with no maintenance, only nature manure will be enough to maintain the plant.


You can bhringraaj as paste or hair pack as well as hair powder is also available in market but best way to use bhringraaj for hair growth is by using hair oil.

>Massaging of hair by oil is help for hair treatment that solve many problem related to scalp and hair.

>Bhringraaj powder can easily available in market

>but my suggestion take fresh nhringraaj plant make a paste and apply over the scalp.


Shweta Bhringaraj (possesses white coloured flowers)

Peet Bhringaraj (possesses yellow coloured flowers)

Neel Bhringaraj (possesses blue coloured flowers)


>Bhringraaj oil help to reduce hair loss, grey hair and promotes regrowth of hair.

>It also help to Cures Baldness problem.

>it very usefull in dandruff related issue and infection in hair scalp.

> White bringraaj oil is very benifical in remove dark circle.

>its also help to solve skin related skin problem like white marks/pimple marks/dark spot.

>Very benificail in Freckles, extra patches of colouring and pigmentation.


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