November is the time where season is changing from hot to cold, and our skin suffer most during this season. In this season our skin needs lots of extra care. There is lots of products and treatments are available in markets, but what do you think to make home remedies at home, it is very easy and inexpensive and easily available in our kitchen, these kitchen remedies is natural and with no side effects..

So, today I am sharing with you 3-kitchen homemade remedies that help you to overcome the problems Like extra oil, pimples, and blackheads and whiteheads.

1. Tomato scrub: As we all know tomato is having vitamin-c and antioxidant which makes tomatos a perfect cure for our blackheads and extra oil and helps to deep cleansing  our skin by removing dirts and dead cell.

2. Egg white face mask: as we all know egg is perfect care of our hair to conditioned but it also help our skin to conditioning. Egg white having vitamin-A and protein, it helps us to remove our deadskin, control extra oil from face and also help us to fight with bacteria and control the pimples.

3. Coffee scrub: Our favourite  coffee works incredibly great cure to blackheads and extra oil. Its is very easy to make and these ingredient always avaible in our kitchen. It also help to improve your skin tone.


By Atique

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