Facial massage is the best treatment for relaxing our brain and facial muscles and boosting blood circulation. Massaging also lifts our mood and helps us to relieve stress. However, most of us do not have the time to visit a parlour or spa every week to get professional massage treatments.

In this article, i will explain to you the right techniques and steps to do facial massage at home and explain to you the benefits of massage.


  1. Improve our blood circulations.
  2. Reduced the wrinkles and fine lines.
  3. Minimize pores and acnes’
  4. Reduce the stress in pressure point massage help to overcome the problem of headaches and sinus problem.
  5. Improve the dull complexion and glowing the face.


Always use the right amount of pressure for your massage

  1. There are multiple steps we can follow for massage
  2. Like using our middle finger and ring finger slowly in circular motion, upward motion
  3. Using our palm in sweeping in cheeks and upwards motions.
  4. Use finger tip to press the line slowly.
  5. Choose right serum/oil(use atiqua herbal face oil) for massage.
  6. Apply oil all over the face and tap with finger to your facial muscles and press gently.
  7. Now, use your index and middle finger to move in a circular motion from your forehead to your temples to your cheek.
  8. Gently roll under your eye from inward motion to outwards and similarly upward near your eyebrows.
  9. Using your finger apply mild pressure from your chin towards your cheekbone muscle in an upward motion.
  10. you can start massaging from below your earlobe, going in a downward motion following your neck to your collarbone.
  11. You can also massage the acupressure points located on your face to feel more relaxed, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and get sinus relief. You can find these acupressure points at –

– the center of your forehead,

– between your eyebrow,

– sides of your forehead near your temples,

– at the front of the tragus ( front side of the opening of the ear) of the ear,

– under the ear lobe,

– between your nose and upper lip region at the center,

– under your eyes,

– in the groove where your nostril connects your face.

  1. You can gently tap each of these pressure points five to ten times.
  2. Make sure you massage in a unidirectional motion, and you can repeat each step 3-5 times
  3. You can easily do this in your morning, evening, or bedtime skin care routine just for about 5- 10 min to feel more relaxed and calm.


  1. Always use your finger tips to massage
  2. Never Ignore The Neck
  3. Massage In The Evenings pr night before sleep
  4. Take a good sleep after massage
  5. Never go outside after masage


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