Hir losing after between 3-4 months is normal, this hair fall is because of changing the weather. hair loss is the most common problem nowadays people are facing, it can be hormonal changes, heredity, normal part of aging or using of extra chemical products or heating product, we are trying lots of thing or regimes or using lots of best product to overcome the problem of hair loss but it doesn’t work on me but friend its shows good effect. Why?

Why best product of market doesn’t work on me.

because you don’t identify your exact problem of hair loss. hair loss is not only a problem of losing your hair and every hair loss product helps you to overcome it. hair loss products only help you if you have h hair loss problem with the weather or any problem with your scalp. 

sometimes hair loss is due to lack of blood in your body(anemia) or maybe side effects of some medicine you are taking. if you are facing these two problems then no product will help you to overcome your hair loss problem. 

Then what we do?

  1. take a healthy diet.
    1. 3-4 coconut water in a week
    2. take 1 glass of milk with gudh(jaggery)
    3. 2-3 badam(almond) every morning
  2. hair bath twice a week
  3. do not extra oiling your hair
  4. use flat hairbrush instead of normal comb

hair pack: use mangerla/kalongi(black-cumin) hair pack

how to use a black cumin hair pack: 

1. take 1 teaspoon of mangrela powder 

2. 1 teaspoon of onion juice(not mandatory)

add the mixture and put on your scalp for two hours.

it will help you to overcome with your hair loss. but only hair pack does not help. take proper diet also.


By Atique

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