My favorite yoga poses which I preferably doing every day before going to bed. it helps me to allows the mind and the body to relax, relieving stress and tension, and also helps me to improve my sleeping schedule.


benifits to kick up your feet and put your legs up against the wall after 10 min you will see the following result .This is what happen when you done this yoga

  1. Improve your blood circulation from legs to brain and relaxes your muscles.. it also helps in reducing swelling and pain in the lower extremities, like muscles pain or pain after any physical activities, or effects of sitting/standing during the day.
    1. the power of gravity, lifing your legs will pump blood to the heart faster. This improves the circulation, which is something your entire body benifits from.
    2. it also helps drain any excess fluid which has accumulated in your legs
  2. Stress relief: it helps you slows your heart rate. digestions, slows down your breathing and keeps your body functioning in a calm manner, helps to slow down your high bp.
  3. Improve digestive system: When you raise your legs, you are actually doing the exercising the muscles responsible for digestion, so not only will you get a flatter belly, but digestion will be a whole smoother from hereon out.
  4. Relaxed nervous system: Raised legs help you relax and take more air, your organic tissue will receive more oxygen, which in turn, will reduce the tension in your muscles.
  5. Better sleep: SInce stress is one of the bigest causes of insomnia. the relaxation that this position brings means you will sleep like a baby. There is nothing better than the a natural cure.
  6. Foot pain relief: HIgh heels are great for special occasions, right?. but it is worth the legs pain you will have when you get home? the aching pain is the result of your weight not being evenly distributed. to counteract this inbalance, kickoff your shoe and rise up your legs for 10 min. you feel so relax.

Once you’re comfortable doing Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose, you may wish to experiment with different variations.

By Atique

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