1. Donot comb your wet hair
  2. Donot apply any hairoil frequently,
  3. Donot use shampoo with conditioner, it harm your hair.
  4. Donot go outside when you had put oil in your hair.
  5. Donot apply heena everyweek, atlest take 20-25 days of gap.
  6. Donot aplly anyhair mask on oiling hair
  7. Donot comb hair just after oiling
  8. Donot use any dryier on wet hair


  1. Always use brush comb instead of normal comb
  2. Always apply any hairoil max twice in a week.
  3. Always use simple shampoo
  4. Avoid to use of conditioner eveywash
  5. Always cover your hair when you go outside
  6. Always apply any hair pack 10-15 days of gap.
  7. Always comb your hair before hairwash and hair oiling
  8. Use natural hair drying process
  9. Always massage your hair before going to bed
  10. Trim your hair once in month

By Atique

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