DON’T TALK TO ME, I AM NOT IN MOOD Yes i am in period and my mood is not good right now, people think that i am very arrogant and frustrated, because they dont know how i feel during my periods, how much pain i suffer during these days. yes all days are not same for me. sometimes i am in jolly mood happy and excited for my works but sometimes i feel irritated. people have to understand why women have a mood swing problem. peoples makes fun on mood swing make memes on social media because peoples dont know what women is suffers during these days.

How we feel in periods:

  1. Some women felt lower abdominal pain before period
  2. Some felt pain in their nerves mostly in lower body.
  3. Headache depression and anexity before peroids
  4. Acity
  5. Mood swing

Women who feel more acidity or burning in chest or whole body then there might be problem in periods or ovary infection and usually people ignored it. We think that we have a problem in liver or we think that it is a indication of ulcer problem. And because of in proper treatment we generally get wrong treatment and issued doesn’t get resolved.

(Kuch Womens ko acity or chest m burning  or halki fever hmasha mahsoos hoti h , ye shayad infection ovary me ho sakta h. But hmlog y sochte h acidity h ya liver m infection h ya stomach m kuch problem h or galat treatment lete h or hame fayda bi nai hota.)


  • Acidity before periods like 10- 15 days before (10-15 days pahle s acidity feel hona)
  • Depression
  • Felt Vomiting in morning.

My mom was facing same problem one year before, we first thought that she is facing liver infection or fatty liver problem, she takes lots of medicine but problem was not resolved and day by day she suffering more. Then we thought she have a problem of depression and take lots of pills like for dipression pills for liver pills but same was issue… she suffered more than two years. Then after two years we consult the gynocolgost and then she get the proper treatment which resulted in good health and symtomps was reduced

So kindly take care of your periods cycle and take proper deit and maintain hygiene and take care of your self.


  • Eat 2-3 times papaya in week also take 1 pinapple in a week
  • Walk every day atleast 2000 steps for normal workout
  • If possible do cycling or skipping for 15 mins
  • Take atleast 10-15 glass of water every day
  • Maintain your sleep schedule.

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