Important for male user or person who spends a lot of time in the sun.

These types of pimples are painless and appears on your face like a “heat rashes” but it’s white in colour..

Mostly occurs in male face.

It is a small white bumps that appear on the skin. They’re usually grouped together on the nose, cheeks, and chin.

  • These are painless but it’s very difficult to remove.. Like regular scrub is also didn’t helps in removing it
  • Usually these pimple are showing in summer season… Coz of sunburn or extra oil on your face ..
  • These pimples are remove automatically in winter seasons….
  • Male skin face more problems of milia then female skin.
  • avoiding excessive exposure to the sun
  • avoiding the use of thick creams or oil-based products


1. Steam your face

2. Scrub and massage your face with mixture of  aloevera+suggar

3. Take egg white part in bowl.. dip any tissue papaer completly in egg bowl… And put that dipped tissue paper over whole your face.

4. After 15 min wash your face with warm water.

5. Aplly egg white on your skin 2-3 times in a week for overnight and face your face with home made facepack(Atiqua_Herbal_facepack) at morning

Apply once in a week

Imp note: Dont pick and poke or try to remove , it automatically removes with in 2 3 month  if you have light milia problem. But you if are facing lots of bumps in your face then it will take time and maintain your diet.

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