TIRED FACE Like dark eye circle, As we get older, our skin will become thinner and will increase the potential for dark circles and wrinkles to appear. That’s why we need to extra care is needed to keep the skin firm and soft, as well as avoid eye bags and dark circles that can make your skin looks tired.

Dark circle causes by tired of mind, lack of sleep, over use of computers & phones and some times its genetically problem. Dark circle is not a medical problem and we don’t need to consult a doctors or to take costly medicine or creams.

If any1 say you that you apply that cream or consult with some types of treatment, then they are wrong. Dark circle go away only by taking good care of themselves and taking proper sleep at night.


Apply any oil (like badam/jaitoon/ castor/ coconut oil) + aloveragel and massage your eyes for 10 min.

then take little warm towel(cloth dipped in hot water) and put it on your eyelip for 15 min and take a little nap, it will help you to rest your eyes.
Do same process 3 or 4 times in a week before going to sleep at night.

By Atique

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