We all want picture perfect hair which are showing on image. but it too costly for normal people at saloon. keratin treatment may damage your hair after certain time of periods. best way to care your hair naturally at home.


☘️i have normal hair condition with light curls, some times my hairs look good with curls but mostly at rainny and winter times my hair faces lots of problems like dry, roughness, splitting and yes hair falls.

Keratin treatment is good for our hair and for scalp also

In Market diffrent types of KERATIN products, shampoo, hair oil and conditioners are available, some are seriously good and best of our hair but its too costly for normal people. but untill you are using all that products you feels benifits but when you stopped using again you feel that damaging pain, this time you feel more damaged hair.

use ones in a month HOME MADE NATURAL KERATIN TREATMENT, which i am using.

Coconut Milk: i know coconut milk is not easily available in a market but you can also make it at Kitchen 🙂

just take crunch coconut (chopped) and boil with water for 10-15 min. NOTE: 1/2 cup water for 4 slice or half coconut. you can store in fridge also.

For normal length hair : Take 1 teaspoon of curd(dahi)+honey(shahad)+2 spoon of coconut milk +egg( egg is not compulsory, if you have oily hair then use egg white otherwise leave it, if you have dry or normal hair no need of using egg).

NOTE: formal normal care

FOR DRY HAIR : use dai(curd)

FOR DAMAGE HAIR: use honey+dai(curd)+lemonjuice/vinegar

FOR OILY HAIR: use egg+vinegar/lemonjuice

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