Combination skin types.

Combination skin is simply having mixture of  both oily skin part and dry skin part of your face ,some areas have a oily skin of your face and dry skin in other areas. Like your forehead, nose, and chin  being slightly to very oily and other parts of skin are dryor normal as compare to other parts of skin. Some expert called this types of skin is T-SKIN TYPE

Basic daily routine for T-Type skin

  • Donot wash your skin frequently, because of frequently washing your skin it causes dryness due to removing of oil from skin
  • Always wash your Skin with warm water, and always try to use less harsh and chemical soap or facewash, avoiding soaps with added fragrances, moisturizers, or harsh chemicals
  • If you want 100% natural product result, use natural made soap or use aata(wheat flour) as a fach wash.
  • We can also use any natural based moisturizer, which help your skin to moisturized
  • Try don’t go to direct sunlight in any season season, always use scarf or any natural based sunscreen or use alovera or tomato as a natural moisturizer.

Finding the balance between an oily skin and dry skin care routine.  This can make difficult in chemical based skin products but following natural based product  is quite easy to following.

Combination Skin also depend on your  environmental toxins, physical stress, and hormone fluxes.

Sometimes its  happen to be using the wrong products for your skin type, you could be unwittingly making your problems worse.

To reduce the extra Dryness and oil from from your skin , we can use home redimes over the other chemical based product. Here I am going to tell you some easy and natural home made approaches to smooting the Skin , which are very simple to use

Use ata(wheat flour) as a wash: Ata is best and very easily available in our kitchen. It is best home redime for our skin. Aata is persanlly my favorite daily home made redimie, which i use daily.

Take 1 teaspoon of aata + ¼ teaspoon of sarso (mustard) powder  + ¼ teaspoon of sugar.

Use this mixture as a face wash.

Try donot  wash your face frequently and try to wash once in a whole day only.

Use kheera (kukumber) as a sun scream: kheera is best therapy for the sunburn of our skin. And it is easily available in market or our kitchen.

Kheera is highly nutrients and it contains antioxidant material and also helps to hydrated and also kheera juice help our skin to reduce sunburn from our skin. We can see effect just 1 or 2 times of its use.

Just take some slices of kheera and put over your skin for 15-20 mins

Use Alovera as a moisturizer or as a nightcream:  every skin need to moisturize also need to moisturized. As we all know Combination skin needs much attention than other skin type, Combination  skin have a problem of lots of Fine lines (your cheek , lips and under eye area) due to unbalance amount of oil in skin and sunburn is most common effect in Combination skin. So Combination skin have less of options in chemical based products and  this product helps you in temporary solution not permanent . But in home made products, natural have verities of thing to use for permanent solutions.

Alovera s one of the best thing for use of every types of skin.

Put1 teaspoon of Alovera gel everynight on your  skin for whole night

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