Oily skin types.

Having oily skin sometimes can be a little difficult and also frustrating experience of us and specially when it comes to managing and reducing your oil.

We all have sebaceous glands produce sebum, an oily substance important for hydrating skin, Mixed with fat molecules. sebum forms a coating on the skin’s surface, protecting it against bacteria and fungi. Too much sebum, produces pores over skin, causing the skin to become oily. Sometime this condition may also cause acne.

oily skin can be very annoying if you skin is concerned, excess oil have constantly irritate and causes of pimples and blackheads. But the good news is that there is, it help our skin to prevent from early ageing problem like wrinkles.

Basic daily routine for oily skin

  • Always wash your Skin  with warm water, and always try to use less harsh and chemical soap or facewash, avoiding soaps with added fragrances, moisturizers, or harsh chemicals
  • If you want 100% natural product result , use natural made soap or use aata(wheat flour) as a fach wash.
  • We can also use blotting paper, which absorbs excess oil from the skin and makes it appear less greasy.
  • Try don’t go to direct sunlight in any season season, always use scarf or any natural based sunscrine or use alovera, papaya , kheera(kukumber)as natural sunscream.

To reduce the extra oil from oily skin, we can use home redimes over the other chemical based product. Here I am going to tell you some easy and natural home made approaches to smooting the oily skin , which are very simple to use

  1. Use ata(wheat flour) as a wash: Ata is best and very easily available in our kitchen. It is best home redime for our skin. Aata is persanlly my favorite daily home made redimie, which i use daily.

Take 1 teaspoon of aata + pinch haldi + 1/4th teaspoon of suger.

Use this mixture as a face wash.

Wash your face once in a whole day only.

  • Use kheera (kukumber) as a sun scream: kheera is best therapy for the sunburn of our skin. And it is easily available in market or our kitchen.

Kheera is highly nutrients and it contains antioxidant material and also helps to hydrated and also kheera juice help our skin to reduce sunburn from our skin. We can see effect just 1 or 2 times of its use.

Just take some slices of kheera and put over your skin for 15-20 mins

  • Use Alovera as a moisturizer or night cream:  every skin need to moisturize even oily skin also need to moisturized. As we all know oily skin have a problem of lots of pimple due to excess amount of oil. So oily skin have some limited sources to use in chemical based products. But in home made products, natural have varities of thing to use.

Alovera s one of the best thing for use of every types of skin. Just take one alovera pulp and put all over the skin and sleep overnight. If you don’t have alovera leaf then put any alovera gel to you skin.

By Atique

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