Sometimes people come into your life to some sort of purpose and to teach you a lesson of your life and It help you to figure out that who you are and what you want from your life… According to this experience you know about yourself and it will help you in future but your future is totally depend on what you are thinking now and how you deal with your problems.

you know what is the specialties  of these people that you never know who are they, May be they are your friends, your enemies, the stranger one whom you met in some of  sort of journey, may be he is your neighbor or may be he is your family, you really don’t know about them or may be he or she was just a common people of your life . But when you far away from him/her,  you know at that very moment that they will affect your life in some profound way.

You know, sometimes things happen to you maybe horrible, painful and unfair at first, but then you realized how much you have potential, strength and will power and how big your heart and strong mind is.

Everything happen for a reason “jo hota h ache k liye hota h “

Nothing happens by chances or by means of luck. Love, lost, illness, injury, broken all things are to test you the limit of your soul.

Every pain which are given by the god is for some purpose, every broken heart helps you to find your correct direction and helps you to be strong.

Without these small test, life would be like straight roads which goes nowhere… life is like a( slyder game… Which come down smoothly) only same flow in your life nothing excitement, It would be safe and comfortable but boring and useless and meaningless journey.

You know , the people you meet who affect your life helps you to become what you are today or in future.

We get experiences from good decision but even we get a much more experiences from our decision and we learned lot from our past regrets. Sometimes  our bad decision are probably the most important ones to improve our future.

If someone hurts you betrayed you or break your heart , forgive them  because of them you learned the lesson of trust

If someone love you, love them back unconditionally, not only because they love but because they teach you,that loves never wants to be perfect to be beautiful.

Make your everyday count…
Enjoy every moment of your life,Appreciate every moment and make every moment as much as beautiful that you may never be able to experience it again. 

Talk to those people , spend your maximum times with those people who gives you a positive waves. 

Lets yourself  fall in love again, break free and high thinking and make your mind positive for every situation.

Always hold your head up . Tell yourself that you are good, You are beautiful,  Believe in yourself..
Make your wish that you can do every possible thing to fulfill your wish.

Create your own life and live with it with no regrets

By Atique

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