Scalp type & Effects of the winter on Your Hair

All we know summer, sun is harmful to our skin, and we take due precautions for it. But you know winter is more harmfull then summer specially for our hair .

If you live where winter weather occurs, then you’re likely familiar your hair. Winter weather is harsh on all hair textures and types. Just like skin, hair needs protection from the cold to remain soft and healthy. Defend your hair from cold air , winds and specially heat from blower and hair dryer ,hair becomes dryer.

How to protect hair in summer

  • Protect your hair from direct cold air.
  • Don’t use hair dryer and don’t use blower direct to hair.
  • Always trim your in winter, Trimming your hair every four to eight weeks is a good way to maintain hair health and keep your locks looking fresh.
  • Use warm or normal water when you get head shower.
  • Always oiling your hair 1 night before hair wash

Home Remedies To Repair Damage To Hair & Hair type in winter.

In Winter all types of hair facing almost same problem like  damage and splitten and hair fall. These problem aries because we are not take proper care in winter. Best care in winter is oiling your scalp  and  hair to lock moisture.

Use natural or herbal oil which have no amount of added chemicals.

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