Clean hair is one of the most important steps to maintain healthy hair. Irrespective of your hair type, you need to make sure that wash it properly with a shampoo and keep it clean.

Also, a beforeu sing shampooing routine is very important to maintain the shine and moisture of your hair.

The frequency of washing does depend on your hair type. Never use hot or too cold water to wash your hair since it can strip your hair of its natural oils resulting in dry, freezey  and dull hair.

  • If you have an oily scalp, you need to wash your hair frequently to avoid the build-up of sebum(It coats, moisturizes, and protects your skin, you have very oily skin, your body may be producing an excess amount of the mixture of lipids (fat-like molecules) that make up sebum) on your scalp since excess oil will make your hair appear greasy and stickey. You do not need to wash your hair every after two or three day but keep your hair wash routine based on how oily your hair feels and looks.
  • People who have normal hair and scalp can wash their hair whenever necessary like once in a week or twice in a week or based on your needs. Since the hair does not get oily or dry easily, you can use soap-free hair cleansers to maintain the pH balance of your hair. This will ensure that washing your hair will not strip your hair of its moisture.
  • If you have a dry scalp, you should not wash your hair every day since it will only make your scalp drier. You can get away with washing your hair once a week. You need oil based shampoo for washing you hair. Dry hair type hair need complete maintenance to avoid the problem like splittent, dandruff etc.

It is essential to choose good hair products for natural homemade hair products. Also,  if you have colour-treated or bleached hair, you need to take extra care of your hair & use hair products that are specifically meant for colored hair to protect it from fading.

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